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Introducing FLINT CREEK!

Ben Gordner/Lead vocals, acoustic guitar, harmonica

John Schulte/Lead guitar, backup vocals

Pat Patrone/Lead guitar, backup vocals

Mark Blitzer/Bass guitar

Kevin Shamp/Drums

The Creek Monster
The 1st time the Creek Monster was seen by humans was on the day Flint Creek made the video for their song "Down To The Creek" which was filmed on the actual Flint Creek in Phelps, NY. To everyone's suprise, the monster emerged from the woods and joined in on the fun. Since then, he has delighted fans by appearing at random shows where he rallies the crowd and passes out beads, frizbees, shirts and other gifts. He is loved by kids despite his scarry appearance. Little is known about him except that he lives in the woods near Flint Creek, loves the band and the Creek Freaks and eats chicken.